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No New Posts Important Information

We all need some rules to keep a community in order. The rules, guidelines and site plot can be found here as well as a guidebook to help you around the site.

7 15 Hogwarts Year Calendar
by Will Belacqua
May 9, 2016 20:11:06 GMT
No New Posts The Characters - 1 Viewing

Both the canon list and original character family lists can be found here as can our Wanted Ads.

Sub-board: Wanted Ads

35 147 Love Interest/ Best friend.
by Lacey Campbell
Nov 24, 2018 14:27:56 GMT
No New Posts Application

Either you want to be a student or member of staff at Hogwarts or you want to work somewhere else entirely. Either way, all applications go here. Have fun.

Sub-boards: Pending, Accepted

11 19 Application
by Will Belacqua
Sept 1, 2018 10:32:46 GMT
No New Posts Sign Ups And Claims

Here you can find the Celeb Claim, House Quidditch Sign Ups, Dorm Allocation Sign Ups and anything else that may be thought of.

12 42 Celebrity Claim
by Olivia Mae Redford
Apr 2, 2020 11:38:12 GMT
No New Posts Advertisement & Affiliate Area

Come here to advertise or affiliate with Hogwarts For Eternity. If you post here more than once then we will do the same in return. Guests may post their affiliate button here only and must add us first.

Moderator: Josh Daren

Sub-boards: First Time Advertising, Linking Back, Affiliate

2,812 2,826 Aurea Region // An AU Pokémon Region
by Plaid
Apr 2, 2020 3:30:34 GMT


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No New Posts Competitions and Activities

Contests and various other activities can be found here and are open for everyone to participate in unless stated otherwise.

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No New Posts Role Play Request

Want to role play but can't find anyone to join it? Ask other members if they would like to role play with you here.

71 1,156
No New Posts Sub-Characters

If you have a sub-character or ten and would like everyone to know about it, create a list here and let everyone know. It may turn out that some of your friends are also your enemies.

8 52
No New Posts Thread Lists

Here you can keep track of all of your threads for all of your characters so that you don't forget any and don't have to worry about bookmarks.

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No New Posts London

The capital city filled with people from all kinds of background, even wizards live within the grounds, walking among muggles, passing them as they discuss from the current political struggles to their homes. The Ministry of Magic is situated in the heart if the city, hidden from muggle.

Sub-boards: The Leaky Cauldron, Josh's Apartment

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No New Posts Platform 9 and 3/4 & The Hogwarts Express

Every September 1st, students will board a scarlet train famously known as the Hogwarts Express. The train carries Hogwarts students departing from Platform 9 and 3/4, King Cross Station, London to Hogsmeade Station, just outside Hogwarts.

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No New Posts The Grounds

The grounds of Hogwarts are legendary. Vast and beautiful, many secrets are contained within together with lots of places for students and staff alike to explore and get to know. Most of the school's events are held out in the grounds.

Sub-boards: The Mountains, The Lake, The Lawns, Hippogriff Enclosure, Whomping Willow, The Forbidden Forest, Waterfall, Groundskeeper's Hut, Playground, The Quidditch Pitch, The Flying Field, Herbology Greenhouses

2,602 25,473
No New Posts The Dungeons

No castle is complete without its dungeons. Both the kitchens and Potions classroom are contained in the lower levels of the castle as is the legendary Chamber of Secrets which can only be accessed through Moaning Myrtle's bathroom on the first floor.

Sub-boards: Potions Dungeon, Kitchens

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No New Posts Classes

Most of the classes will be found here. After all what is a school without classes for students to learn and perhaps ditch from time to time.

The classes not found here are Flying and Herbology (both located in the grounds board) and Potions (which is located in the potions dungeon board)

Sub-boards: Animagi, Apparition, Beastly 101, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Dance, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Disney Movies, Divination, Dragonology, Duelling, Extreme Survival, History of Magic, Magical Medicine, Muggle Animals, Muggle Music, Muggle Studies, Mythology, Occlumency & Legilimency, Transfiguration, Wandless and Elemental Magic

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No New Posts Ground Floor

The first thing people see when they arrive at the school is the courtyard and the large front doors for which Hogwarts is known. Meals are held in the Great Hall which is located off the Entrance Hall and the house points hourglasses can be seen within.

Sub-boards: Entrance Hall, Great Hall, House Points Hourglasses, Courtyard

407 3,589
No New Posts First Floor

As its name suggests this is the first floor of the Hogwarts castle. In addition to the classes that are held here (located in the classes board) there is the library, girls' bathroom and the student newspaper: The Hogwarts Herald office.

Sub-boards: Library, Girls' Bathroom, Hogwarts Herald Office

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No New Posts Second Floor

The second floor of the castle is home to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and the students' lounge as well as the corridor that leads to the classes held on this floor (found in the classes board)

Sub-boards: Student's Lounge, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom

227 1,564
No New Posts Third Floor

The third floor is the home of both the forbidden corridor once home to Fluffy and ironically also the Hospital Wing.

Sub-boards: Forbidden Corridor, Hospital Wing

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No New Posts Fourth Floor

This is the place most likely to find a staff member, so trouble-makers tread lightly. The fourth floor is the headquarters for the faculty offices and the staff lounge. It's also where the student guidance counselors can be found for those who've lost their way.

Sub-boards: Faculty Offices, Staff Lounge

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No New Posts Fifth Floor

On the fifth floor we have the special prefects bathroom that only prefects, heads, and Quidditch captains have access to use. It's also the home of the Sports Hall.

Sub-boards: Prefect's Lounge & Bathroom, Sports Hall

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No New Posts Sixth Floor

On our last floor before being split off into towers we have the sixth floor, home to the Room of Requirement. For those who have found the hidden gem always have a place that will do exactly what it is needed for.

Sub-boards: Boy's Bathroom, Room of Requirements

140 1,328
No New Posts Towers

Not only does the school have an over abundance of students, classes and all manner of creatures, it also has several towers which are normally open to anyone wishing to explore.

Sub-boards: Astronomy Tower, Clock Tower, Owlery, Rooftop Garden

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No New Posts Slytherin Common Room & Dormitories

Located in the dungeons, this is very large room where Slytherin students can come to relax, chat or do anything they like. The room is full of sofas and big armchairs to make students as comfortable as possible. In order to gain access to the common room, Slytherin students must give the correct password.

168 1,332
No New Posts Hufflepuff Common Room & Dormitories

Located in the Hufflepuff Basement near the kitchen, this is very large room with a fire against a wall where Hufflepuff students can come to relax, chat or do anything they like. The room is full of sofas and big armchairs to make students as comfortable as possible. In order to gain entry to the common room, Hufflepuff students must tap barrels in a certain sequence and to a certain rhythm.

Moderator: Kirsten Forrester

46 331
No New Posts Ravenclaw Common Room & Dormitories

Located in Ravenclaw Tower, this is very large room with a fire against a wall where Ravenclaw students can come to relax, chat or do anything they like. The room is full of sofas and big armchairs to make students as comfortable as possible. In order to gain access to the common room, Ravenclaw students must first complete an intellectual challenge.

Moderator: Summer Esposito

90 658
No New Posts Gryffindor Common Room & Dormitories

Located in Gryffindor Tower, this is very large room with a fire against a wall where Gryffindor students can come to relax, chat or do anything they like. The room is full of sofas and big armchairs to make students as comfortable as possible. In order to gain access to the common room, Gryffindor students must give the correct password.

Moderator: Mack Fraser

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No New Posts Villages

A number of different wizarding villages are located near to Hogwarts and all can be found here. From well-known shopping hotspots to quieter, relaxing locations, these villages have them all.

Sub-boards: Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, Hogsmeade, Feallew Village, Ripplebrook

1,783 14,422
No New Posts Points Of Interest

There are many different places which are key to the wizarding world - St Mungo's, the Ministry of Magic, famous quidditch locations and even a fun fair - which can be found here.

Sub-boards: St. Mungos, Ministry of Magic, Guardian Headquarters, Daily Prophet, Azka's Funfair, Queerditch Marsh, The Firestar Stadium, Azkaban

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No New Posts Starshine Valley

Located very close to Hogwarts, Starshine Valley offers a very safe and friendly environment for adults and children alike. It started out as a small town before eventually thriving into what it is today. The Valley is home to its own quidditch team the Starshine Starlings and it is the ideal location to live for any avid follower.

Sub-boards: Houses, Mercury Point Apartment Block

418 3,699
No New Posts Ashridge Cove

Ashridge Cove is a picturesque town situated by the sea that has recently begun to thrive. Most well-known as being a magical housing district, it is home to many witches and wizards alike.

Sub-boards: Houses, Nevermore Apartment Block

32 345
No New Posts Godric's Hollow

Godric's Hollow is a village in the West of England known for being home to various members of the magical community. Named after Godric Gryffindor, the village was home to Harry Potter and his parents before Voldemort attacked the family and contains a war memorial which transforms into a monument of Harry and his parents when approached by witches or wizards.

Sub-board: Potter Residence

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No New Posts Sunnydale Group Home

The group home was founded recently by the Lafrenière family and is run by Zach. Children tend to come and go depending on their situation but the place offers a home large enough to accommodate all those in need of somewhere to stay, and more so.
© Emma

Moderator: Zach Lafrenière

95 897
No New Posts Heatherlands First School

Heatherlands First School is the second project which has been taken on by Zach Lafrenière and has been funded by his father's company. It offers a refuge during the day to all children who are too young to go to Hogwarts and aims to teach them the basics they will need in order to get by in life.
© Emma

Moderator: Zach Lafrenière

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No New Posts United Kingdom

Venture to the world mixed with muggles and wizards alike. Find interesting and amazing places all across the United Kingdom - visit the Buckingham Palace, watch a football match and wonder why the muggles were content with such a game. Figure out the world of wonders

Sub-boards: Summer's Pitch, Maxtible Manor

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No New Posts Shepton Mallet

Shepton Mallet is one of many muggle towns located in the United Kingdom. It's a rather hot spot for the young wizarding community.

64 417
No New Posts The World

It's a big world out there, far bigger than just the wizarding world lies in the heart of the United Kingdom. Explore the wonders from the Pyramids to the Great Barrier Reef, stop by and eat your lunch in Amsterdam and don't forget to check out Japan - I heard the technology there changes everyday!

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No New Posts Turn Back Time

Many years have gone by since a lot of the students first arrived at the school and, even for those who are still new to the place, there are bound to be old memories which ought to be relived. More useful than a pensieve, this is where events from your character's past can be role played out.

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No New Posts Into The Future

There are many events in the lives of characters it might take some time to get to. Those threads can be done here but please bear in mind that nothing that happens in this board holds any bearing on actual site events.

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Alternate Reality

Always wanted your character to be an only child, to end up with a different partner or have different experiences to those they have been through? Those threads can be done here but please bear in mind that nothing that happens in this board holds any bearing on actual site events.

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No New Posts Leave of Absence

If you are going away for a while or will be unable to attend classes, post here to let both your professors and friends know.

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No New Posts Out of Character Board

Here members can talk about anything out of character, play games, ask for roleplays or request graphics.

Sub-boards: Games, Graphics Display

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